The Turmeric Mask: a horror story

Photo by Serkan Turk on Unsplash

First and foremost, let me begin by stating that in my defence, I was struggling with a particularly stubborn bout of hormonal acne that month.

It was also the summer, and I didn’t feel like wearing any make-up if I could avoid it.

So instead of heading to the nearest CVS/Target/Sephora to find a solution for the problem, or ordering myself something Korean via Amazon Prime’s godsend same-day delivery, I decided to take the matter into my own hands.

It was 3AM, after all.

So I went online and googled “homemade acne remedy with pantry ingredients”.

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A word on stress, loneliness, and self-care.

Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

I am writing this post from my bed, after having tried and failed to take a nap, because of a painful migraine that I’m trying to fix with medication, essential oils, a sample of CBD balm I received at the Healthy Living Expo last month, and some breathing and acupressure tips that Jen, my wonderful yoga teacher and reiki practitioner, gave me the other day.

In lieu of a “This week” recap post, and especially because this week was particularly stressful, I want to talk a little bit today about stress and anxiety, and hopefully create a bit of a discussion about how we deal with all of that.  Continue reading “A word on stress, loneliness, and self-care.”

Six months of Positivity

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On January 1st this year, I started the #2018PositivityChallenge, the concept of which was to post, every day on Instagram, something that had happened that I was grateful for, or a positive thought.

I had come up with this challenge because the last three months of 2017, which had started really, really, really well, were very hard on me.

So, in the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I decided that despite all the lingering trouble, 2018 would start in positive energy and gratitude.

I stuck to the challenge, and aside from messing up the day numbers* and posting after midnight a couple of times, it may be one of the longest streaks I held in my life, as I’m not one to be very consistent (#Pisces).

Talking of consistency, some other time I’ll have to tell you about my love-hate relationship with the gym. But today, let’s talk about this how this challenge has been going so far.

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Four months later…

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 22.36.36

My dear readers,

Yes, I know I’ve been bad. Yes, I know I haven’t written in a long time.

In fact, I even made this blog private for a couple of months (as well as all of my social media profiles – guilty as charged) while I was re-evaluating how much of my life I wanted to make visible and available for anyone on the web.

Little sidenote: You can still follow me on Instagram, I will happily accept anyone who appears to NOT be:

1) a chainsaw-wielding psycho killer (yes, I know I have issues with chainsaws),
2) a nosy relative who will screenshot any reference to me being gay and send it to my aunts, as if they didn’t know already – and yes, you know who you are,
3) my psychopathic chainsaw-obsessed ex-girlfriend (now you see why I have issues with chainsaws).

I guess one could say I went through a period of so many changes and so many new people entering my life that I felt the need to take some distance from blogging and put a bit of a wall around me while I was adjusting to all of that.

This transition period is, fortunately, coming to an end. And earlier tonight, I felt that it was time to return to this blog, make it public again, and resume writing.

So, in a (more or less large) nutshell, here’s happened since my last post from January:

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Things we love #3


The inspiring story of a woman expelled in 1955 by the Air Force for being a lesbian – and her fight for justice up until today.

Five authors on how, why, and where they write.

This Australian author, Natasha Lester, whose blog is filled with very useful info for writers, and whose Instagram posts are just so inspiring! (I think it’s very important to visualize yourself as an already successful author and looking at the daily life and editorial process of published authors helps me achieve that).

This list of tips on how to use the Law of Attraction (yes, it works!).

My Winter 2018 accessory: this red statement bag to bring a bright pop of colour to my (often) head-to-toe black outfits! (No, I’m not goth, but I found wearing head-to-toe black is the best way for Julia‘s hair not to show!)